Legalize Marijuana in Canada – the Political Nuts and Bolts

Legalize Marijuana in Canada – the Political Nuts and Bolts

A photomechanical print from the Detroit Photographic Co., 1901. The Canadian parliament complex in Ottawa, most of which was destroyed by fire in 1916. The building on the far right is the Library of Parliament.

By Brian Bahouth

Justin Trudeau, the 43 year old son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau led the Liberal Party of Canada to a bigger than expected rout of the Conservative government of Stephen Harper on election day.  During the 12 week campaign Mr. Trudeau vowed, among several promises, to legalize cannabis in Canada, and advocates and entrepreneurs are duly energized.

But after nearly a decade of Conservative Party rule, the new Prime Minister has a long to-do list … Mr. Trudeau must form a new government … he promised to bring some 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada …  he must fill 22 empty seats in the Canadian Senate … and in coming months he will represent his country at an important APEC meeting in Asia … he will attend the annual meeting of the G20 nations in Turkey … and of no small import, the new Prime Minister and delegation will attend a climate change meeting in Paris this November that is loaded with political implications in Canada …

In such a crowded and challenging political context, Justin Trudeau might well impanel a committee to consider the legalization of cannabis and then work to implement a change in laws a few years from now when the government is more clearly defined, oriented, and disposed to undertake a huge and complicated change in laws and regulations.

To learn more bout the political challenges of legalizing cannabis in Canada, Brian Bahouth spoke with Nelson Wiseman, Director of the Canadian Studies Program at the University of Toronto and a Professor of Political Science … 11:30 …

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