Getting Cozy at the Fireside

Getting Cozy at the Fireside

Outdoor, organic cross MK-Ultra Wreck from the Fireside dispensary in Phoenix, Oregon - Brian Bahouth

By Brian Bahouth

Beginning October 1, of this year, 280 out of 318 medical cannabis dispensaries in Oregon have been authorized to sell marijuana flowers to adults 21 and over with a valid government-issued photo ID, tax free, until the state Liquor Control Board completes the gargantuan task of writing and implementing multi-agency regulations for yet to be licensed retail outlets, farms, and processors of all variety.  

Ballot measure 91, passed in November 2014, mandates the groundbreaking system of marijuana regulation and taxation expected to be up and running sometime in 2016, but for now, some dispensaries in Oregon are serving patients and the general, adult public, and business has been brisk.

So on the 1st of October 1 visited several dispensaries on a 15 mile strip of US route 99 in one of the most verdant outdoor organic cannabis cultivation regions in Oregon and stopped by the Fireside dispensary in the tiny city of Phoenix, just south of Medford in Oregon’s Rogue Valley …

Below is a sound-rich audio visit to the Fireside dispensary that includes brief conversations with Sandra Diesel, an agent for 420 Insurance and a brief chat with and a pair of representatives of Rogue Herbs …words, sound and music …