By Brian Bahouth

Reno – As of midnight July 1, 2018 those 21 years of age and older can, with proper ID, purchase marijuana from select dispensaries in Nevada.  Four dispensaries in Reno have been licensed to sell adult use marijuana, but there are a few things the State of Nevada and the City of Reno want citizens to know about the purchase of cannabis in Reno.

Under the new law, you still cannot consume marijuana in public or in a moving vehicle, even if you are the passenger.

Driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal.  If you drive under the influence of marijuana, you are subject to DUI laws.  Mixing marijuana with alcohol or prescription drugs can be dangerous.

There are restrictions on the amount of marijuana and marijuana products an adult can have in their possession – one ounce of marijuana or an eighth of an ounce of concentrate.

The Nevada Department of Taxation regulates the sales of cannabis in Nevada, and Director of the Department, Deonne Contine asks citizens to be careful when using marijuana products that might be unfamiliar like edible forms of cannabis.

“If Nevada is anything like Colorado, we’re likely to see people who have only smoked marijuana in the past try different products, like edibles,” said Contine.

Edibles can have a delayed effect of up to two hours or more.   The state cautions consumers to start with one serving of no more than 10 milligrams of THC, and wait at least two hours before having more.  Officials ask that consumers check labels and know how much THC is in each product and serving size.

Reno Dispensaries:

Sierra Wellness Connection – 1605 East 2nd Street, Suite 103 Reno, NV  89502
The Dispensary – 100 West Plumb Lane, Reno, NV  89509
Blum – 1085 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502
MYNT – 132 E 2nd St, Reno, NV 89501