Bobby Tuna Corrals Senior Votes for Cannabis

Bobby Tuna Corrals Senior Votes for Cannabis


By Brian Bahouth

Over the next week more than 1,000 cannabis education audio segments will air on terrestrial radio stations in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.  The “Cannabis Facts” campaign will run from now until Thanksgiving and start again after the holidays and up to the 2016 election; and Robert Platshorn, a.k.a. Bobby Tuna, is behind the unprecedented effort to win over older American voters for cannabis.

Platshorn is founder of the educational non-profit Silver Tour and has introduced and reintroduced innumerable people over 60 to cannabis as medicine, and Platshorn has discovered that victims of 1950s and ‘60s drug war propaganda, who have been the traditional bane of cannabis legalization efforts, are easily swayed when they understand, among myriad good reasons, that marijuana is a safe replacement for scores of addictive and dangerous prescription and over-the-counter medications that plague aging citizens.

But Robert Platshorn is also aware that seniors vote in the highest percentage of any age group and also vote in blocks, and perhaps most importantly, that voters over 62 are a traditional key in any electoral victory.

In this interview with Brian Bahouth, Robert Platshorn talks about the “Cannabis Facts” public education campaign and much more … a mix of words, cannabis ad audio and music … listen … (23:47) …



Music credits as reported through the Public Radio Exchange, in order of appearance:


Title: Cerezo Rosa
Artist: Perez Prado
Album: “Prez”
Label: RCA Victor
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